Casimir Schmidt


Casimir Schmidt, born on October 31st, 1995, in the Netherlands, is a renowned Dutch gymnast known for his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. He began his gymnastics journey at the age of four, inspired by his sister who was also an elite Gymnast. Schmidt quickly excelled in the sport, showcasing remarkable talent and determination. Representing the Dutch national team since 2009, he has competed in various national and international competitions. Earning medals along the way; including more than 10 national all around titles. A silver medal at the European Games in 2015 and securing a team spot for the Olympics 2016 and 2024.  Schmidt is particularly acclaimed for his proficiency on the vault and rings, where his precision, strength, and power really excels. His consistency throughout the years have earned him respect within the gymnastics community and admiration from fans worldwide. In addition to his competitive success, Schmidt is also known for his commitment to promoting the sport of gymnastics and sharing his knowledge and passion to inspire the next generation of athletes. At the age of 28, Casimir Schmidt continues to push the boundaries of gymnastics, striving for excellence in every routine and competition.