Morgan Hurd

Nineteen-year-old, Morgan was adopted from Guangxi Province, China at the age of 11 months and has lived and trained in Delaware ever since. As a child, her mom put her in multiple sports, but gymnastics was the one she always wanted to come back to. Morgan qualified for elite in the summer of 2014 and made the Junior National Team for the first time in 2016. A fun fact about Morgan: she is one of the only elite-level athletes to wear glasses while competing in her sport. 


  • Bronze at the 2017 Stuttgart World Cup
  • All-around Gold and Silver on Beam at the 2017 World Championships
  • 2018 American Cup Gold; 2018 Pacific Rims Team Gold
  • Team Gold, All-Around Bronze, Silver on Floor at the 2018 World Championships
  • 2019 Tokyo World Cup Gold
  • 2019 Pan American Team Gold
  • 2020 American Cup Gold